Kris’s Vision for Nutrition by Design

Nutrition by Design, the brainchild of Kris Gethin, was born out of an obsession with nutrition, quality, taste, and results. Kris holds several distinctions including being runner up at the World Natural Bodybuilding Championships, Editor at Large for Weider Publications, Editor in Chief for, a partner of Physique Elite, author of Body by Design which has sold over 700,000 copies across the globe and is founder of DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle-an intense training system designed to stimulate entire muscle fiber populations throughout the body) and CEO of Nutrition by Design. Needless to say, Kris understands the world of fitness and the tremendous importance of nutrition.

The World Has Witnessed Kris’ Own Dramatic Fitness Transformation

Kris saw the incredible transformative potential of nutrition and exercise firsthand with his own personal transformation. He has put his revolutionary techniques and approaches towards health, fitness and nutrition on display for the world to see, resulting in over 33 million people following his video series to date, making it the world’s most popular transformation series. His own personal transformation was so remarkable that the world took notice and he won a large and loyal following.

Nutrition by Design-A Healthy Obsession with All-Things Natural

It is no accident that Kris was runner up at the World Natural Bodybuilding Championships and is a Professional Natural Bodybuilder of note. His approach to fitness and health has, from day one, been focused on natural choices and natural solutions. This obsession with all things natural has influenced every aspect of the products offered by Nutrition by Design. Through Nutrition by Design, Kris intends to provide the world with a dramatic, new option for prepackaged, high-quality, high-nutrition meals.

New Ideas But Not a New Company

Nutrition by Design has been in the nutrition meal game for years and people love our dry meals. We know what it takes to get a product from the concept phase (where we create a marriage between amazing taste and amazing nutrition) to the market where it can help people improve their health and well-being. We love what we do and so have our customers.
People often don’t eat the correct food that they need to get healthy, stay healthy, and provide the health and fitness outcomes that they desire. We are determined to play an important role in changing all of that! The heart and soul of the Nutrition by Design approach is, of course, our obsession with nutrition; after all, the right nutrition means greater results from any workout and a stronger, more robust immune system.

Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin is widely regarded as one of the most successful and respected transformation experts globally. Through his career, he has become runner up at the World Natural Bodybuilding Championships, a fitness centre owner in Sydney Australia, a sports therapist on board luxury Celebrity Cruise Liners, a publisher of Kaged Muscle Magazine, Editor at Large and photographer for Weider publications, Editor in Chief for, partner of Physique Elite, founder of DTP and CEO of Nutrition by Design.

Mental inspiration and motivation have always been at the hub of Kris’ approach to transforming his client’s physiques. At the turn of the New Year in 2011, Kris released a book – Body By Design – which to date has sold over 700,000 copies globally. In 2011, he also released the 12 Week Hardcore Video Trainer on where people are able to follow him for 84 days as he put his body through a drastic transformation. Due to the level of knowledge shared, along with the inspiring content, over 33 million people have followed this video series to date, making it the most popular transformation series in the world.

Today, Kris resides in Mumbai, India where he is the Director of an exclusive 1-2-1 personal training consultancy business for the rich & famous of India, but also qualifying Indian personal trainers under Physique Elite. Kris works exclusively with Bollywood’s leading actor, Hrithik Roshan, as well as managing a group of elite trainers from around the word.

Kris Gethin is the author of the Best Seller, Body by Design, a qualified sports Therapist, Professional Natural Bodybuilder and the world’s most renowned transformation specialists who launched the highly recognized DTP (Dramatic Transformation Principle) program.

Body by Design
By Kris Gethin – Simon & Schuster

From Kris Gethin, comes a revolutionary 12-week diet and exercise program—supported by two million members and thousands of real-life success stories. Body by Design is a plan that promotes health from the inside out, starting by breaking down the mental blocks that are holding you back, then by building up the muscles on your body, and finally by adding delicious, healthy food onto your plate.